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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Woman hungry District Manager

Today my District manager was so involved with hitting on a female customer, he actually got mad when a waitress put in her order.
He was mad when I did not cook her order and mine. I was not getting paid to cook, as it was his job today.
He accused both the waitress and myself of "cock blocking him". It was kind of funny.
Little did he realize the customer was a semi-regular. She comes in once a week.
He begged me to give her his number next time she comes in.

Should I do this? What would you do in my position? Would you do as your manager asked, and give this customer his number, or would you let him do his "own" match making?

I feel he should do it himself. He can come in on a day he has off and wait to see if she shows up if he really wants to hook up with her.
But that is just me.

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  1. I agree. Not only is it an invasion of privacy but it could be considered sexual harassment, which is basically defined as 'anything of a sexual nature which makes you uncomfortable'. So if it does make you uncomfortable, don't do it. Simple :)