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Monday, June 8, 2009

Have you ever had the most annoying "regulars"?

You know the type. They come in everyday and stay for hours on end and can be extremely demanding.
In my tenure in the restaurant, I have a family just like that. This "couple" will come in at least 3 times a day and stay for 3-4 hours at a time. They only drink coffee and maybe once in a blue moon will order food. This is not the real problem though. It is that they are way to demanding, and if they have to wait more than a minute for a refill, they get all pissed off.
If "Their" booth is taken, they get all huffy and give the stink eye to the people taking their booth till that customer leaves. Then they feel like because they are regulars, that they can get up and move to that booth and complain that it is dirty.
my advice "Give us a F**king minute to clean it before plopping your FAT A**ES into the dirty booth.
They also bring their dogs, and want us to give them "Scooby Snacks" scraps from the plates customers leave. They feel that it was already paid for so it can go to their mutts. Have you ever heard of "HEALTH CODE VIOLATION"???

Then to top it all off, the other day, the booth they ALWAYS sit in was broken. there was a sign saying do not sit here, but they chose to ignore that. Then proceeded to Complain that the booth seat was wobbly when the "wife" sat down and almost ended up on the floor. do you think they got up and moved to a proper booth? NO, they did not. They sat in the broken booth and fussed all about it.

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