Have you ever NOT tipped a waiter/waitress?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Non-tipping customers

Now I know the economy is not the greatest, but when a customer pays a $20.00 (roughly) bill with a Benjamin ($100 bill. lol) you would think they could leave you a few dollars on the table as a tip for the good service you gave them.
But no, they want to be cheap and stiff you.

This happened to me last night, I had this couple come in, and they both ordered an All-Star Special, which for those who have never been to a Waffle House comes with 2 eggs (any style), toast, Hash browns (or grits), bacon (or sausage), and a waffle or biscuit and gravy for just $5.99.

These customers ordered that and a Soft drink a piece. I made sure they had all the stuff they needed. I even gave them extra plates to share with their kids since they did not order anything for them. They never had to ask for anything. But when they left, the whole area was a pig pen, despite my efforts to pre-bus the area, and remove any trash and empty dishes off the table.

I had them laughing and joking the whole time they were there, which was hard considering they did not speak any english. They only spoke Spanish
. I even catered to that fact, and conducted every bit of there visit in Spanish. Still they stiffed me.

I feel customers should know, that when you go out to eat and get waited on, in the US, the waiter/waitress is only making $2.15 an hour. We rely on our tips. If you don't tip, you really think we want you coming back?
Just stay at home next time.

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